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  • Job Title:  Trade Commissioner
    Work Place:  Beichen District, Tianjin Beichen Town, Beijing and Tianjin
    Wages:  Negotiable Release Date:  2017/7/17
    Validity Period:
    Request :
    Job Responsibilities:
    1、the implementation of the company's trade business, the implementation of trade rules, open up the market;
    2、responsible for contact with customers, the preparation of quotations, to participate in business negotiations, signed a contract;
    3、responsible for production tracking, delivery, on-site monitoring equipment;
    4、responsible for document review, customs declaration, settlement, after - sales service and so on;
    5、customer development and maintenance;
    6、business-related information collation and archiving; 7, the relevant business work report.
    job requirements:
    1、college degree or above, international trade, business English related professional;
    2、have experience in the field of business operations, foreign work experience is preferred;
    3、cheerful, like to communicate with people, have patience;
    4、skilled use of basic office software,;
    5、with good business development capabilities and business negotiation skills, strong public relations, with a strong sense of professionalism, team spirit and independent ability to work, the courage to open up and innovation.
    Once the hiring, treatment favorably, probation period of 3 months, after the transfer to pay five insurance, the national holidays, normal rest, welcome to join you!
    Contact: Liujing Li
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