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    Many types of composite steel plate, according to their combination type can be divided into two categories, namely, metal composite steel plate and non-metallic composite steel plate. Metal composite steel plate is in the steel surface composite other metal cladding, such as stainless steel composite steel plate, titanium composite steel plate, copper composite steel plate and aluminum composite steel plate. Non-metallic composite steel plate is a base plate and damping performance of viscoelastic resin composite composite, such as lightweight composite steel and vibration composite steel plate. (See automotive steel production) Stainless steel composite steel plate and titanium composite steel plate for the production of various storage tanks, pressure vessels, desalination equipment, as dilute precious metals titanium and stainless steel substitutes in the chemical, atomic, marine development and other requirements of corrosion-resistant The use of aluminum composite steel plate for the production of electromagnetic cooking pot and linear motor with conductive bracket, make full use of aluminum good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and steel ferromagnetic properties; aluminum composite panel or household appliances, automotive industry And the construction industry sector needed corrosion-resistant refolding material; military industry used double hardness armor plate outer layer with high hardness steel, the inside of the use of low hardness steel made of composite steel, hard fabric used to crush armor-piercing steel core, toughness Good back fabric used to absorb the impact of the projectile without rupture, showing excellent comprehensive mechanical properties; lightweight composite steel plate and vibration plate due to a higher than the stiffness and anti-vibration performance in the automotive industry and aircraft manufacturing Has been widely used.
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