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Steel plate for bridge:
For large steel bridge steel plate, require to withstand dynamic load, shock, vibration, corrosion, etc., such as: Q235q, Q345q and so on.

Shipbuilding steel plate:
Used in the manufacture of marine and inland river ship hull, requires high strength, plasticity, toughness, cold bending performance, welding performance, corrosion resistance are good. Such as: A32, D32, A36, D36 and so on. Boiler plate (boiler plate): for the manufacture of various boilers and important accessories, the boiler plate in the medium temperature (350 ° C below) high pressure state work, in addition to withstand high pressure, but also by the impact, fatigue load and water and gas corrosion , To ensure a certain strength, but also a good welding and cold bending performance, such as: Q245R and so on.

Pressure vessel steel plate:
Mainly used in the manufacture of oil, chemical gas separation and gas storage and transportation of pressure vessels and other similar equipment, the general working pressure in the normal pressure to 320kg / cm2 or even 630kg / cm2, the temperature in the range of -20-450 ° C work, In addition to the steel plate with a certain strength and good plasticity and toughness, but also must have better cold bending and welding performance, such as: Q245R, Q345R, 14Cr1MoR, 15CrMoR and so on.

Car girder steel:
Manufacture of automotive girders (stringers, beams), with a thickness of 2.5-12.0mm low-alloy hot-rolled steel. As the shape of the car beam complex, in addition to the requirements of high strength and cold bending performance, but also requires good stamping performance.

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